Bill acceptor JCM DBV 300 is a product of JCM company. Designed specially for payment terminals and self-service machines . This reliable device suitable for installation in street terminals (operating temperature range from -15 to +60 C).

JCM DBV 300 has the latest technology to recognize the authenticity of banknotes , which carried by 14 pairs of sensors that determine the quality of the paper , watermarks, security threads availability, and the magnetic head as well, which analyzes the magnetic properties of the bills. Recognition process and stacking bills is about 3-4 seconds , and the percentage of bills jams is very low. According to these characteristics, this model is somewhat similar to the more expensive models of CashCode series. The device JCM DBV 300 has a system of anti-phishing, allowing work to secure payment terminals from fraudsters . All the sensory system of the bill acceptor JCM DBV300 protected from contamination while working with bills.

Bill acceptors JCM DBV 300 Housing is made of plastic. It should be considered when installing in payment terminals. Bill acceptor should freely installed in the seat without distortions, fixing in the terminal must be strictly identical to tighten the screws did not lead to deformation of the bill acceptor or a cash box. Compliance of these simple requirements will ensure reliability and durability of the device.

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Cash acceptor JCM DBV 300 + cash boxes on 1200 bills

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