Outdoor payment terminal, "Streeter" was created to receive payments in the street, at bus stops, near shopping centers, near universities and other attractive places. Minimum rents significantly increases economic benefit from its use. From street terminal requiring maximum reliability, so only used notes receivers CashCode, Thermal Custom VKP-80, capacitive touch glass specially designed for outdoor use. The clever design creates all conditions for convenient payment, fast service and superior protection from vandals:

Monitor street terminal "Streeter" is mounted vertically to reduce blikuemosti.

The design of the case is made for the convenience of a special burial depth data entry. Thanks to the payer can put my hand on her during data entry, and not keep it in the air.

On the front doors no keyholes, not to provoke passers interfere with the terminal trying to open with a key or other object. Bolts are located inside the front doors. Access to bolt the door is only possible through the door on the side of the cabinet.

Recessed slots printer and bill acceptor reduces the likelihood of moisture, resulting in equipment last longer.

There are two ways to enter the power cable. Input power cable is possible, as the bottom through the bottom (for concealed cable feed), and from the back (where the hidden wiring is not possible). This is to ensure that, in case of cable, it is not passing.

All equipment is fully supported in software PayPRO.

New! You can change the color of the terminal to any totally free! The color is chosen in the catalog Ral (ral.ru / classic_colours). When ordering, you can specify the color, and we will select the most similar to the catalog Ral or specify color independently. Option is valid for orders of 3 terminals.

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Street terminal "Streeter"

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