Fiscal server PayPRO is an extremely useful program, installed at your office or home computer. It allows you to use only one fiscal server for the entire network of payment terminals!

The essence of its work jointly with terminal software is extremely simple:

When a client on the terminal pays for something, instead of print check first sent a request for Fiscal server (that is installed in your home or office).
Fiscal server writes payment in ackles Fiscal Registrar connected to Fiscal server.
Actual payment data recorded in ackles are sent in response to the terminal.
Ultimately, the terminal prints checks, which contains all the details of the payment, included in the Fiscal Registrar. During the tax audit will find all payments in your FR and upheld each operation.
The savings from using Fiscal server PayPRO obvious:

700 rubles per month for each ackles (7 200 per year).
1500 roubles per month for the service agreement with TCCs (18 000 per year).
8000 rubles one-time purchase of modules improvements printers to FR.
Thus, our development allows to save a minimum of 26 400 rubles per year + 8 000 once for EACH terminal!
If your network is at least 10 terminals, the savings for the first year will amount to 344 000 rubles! For each following year another 264 000 rubles.

-Support of fiscal registrars family PayKiosk ("the island")
-Automatic scanning devices
-Monitoring of connected clients in real time
-Printing of checks in real time and send the necessary information to the client
-Removing the Z-report on the paper and in the buffer
-Printing the Z-report from the buffer

When connecting:
-The terminal number
-Software version

When you print a cheque
-The terminal number
-Amount of the cheque
Session check

To connect to the server need a public IP address and port.
The client must specify the port specified by the server and the external IP address.

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Fiscal server PayPRO

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